Benefits Plan Consulting

Do you have questions about setting up a new benefits plan for your business? Do you want an independent opinion about your current benefits plan? Or just a friendly conversation about benefits plans in general? You’ve come to the right place. Benefits plans are our favourite subject!


Your Business

You know your business better than anyone else. But when considering your benefits plan, you may have some questions…

How do I know if my benefits plan provides the best value for my employees?

How can I ensure my current plan is able to grow with my business?

How do I design a plan that supports my compensation strategy and business priorities?

How can I provide a plan that responds to the diverse needs of my workforce?

Who can I find to help me answer these questions?


Your Advisor

If group benefits challenges are taking valuable time away from running your business, a professional advisor can help you find the answers. Your advisor can walk you through plan design options, administration requirements, and a thorough risk review, to ensure you clearly understand your benefits plan. Best of all, when you work with a professional advisor, you’re building a relationship that will help you achieve your business goals over the long term. An experienced advisor has the knowledge to transform your benefits plan into a meaningful support for you and your employees.

Your Plan

There are a range of benefits plans available for small businesses in Ontario, but finding the right plan doesn’t have to mean hopping from provider to provider and hoping for the best. We’ve got decades of experience translating insurer jargon into clear language, and we know the qualities to look for in an effective plan design.

Beagle Benefits specializes in healthcare spending account (HSA) plans that are a great fit for many small businesses.

If your needs are different, we also obtain quotes for both insured and administrative services only (ASO) plans from providers across the industry. We want to help you find the right benefits plan for your business.

Best of breed benefits: What the judges are looking for

Your plan should be:


Tax effective


Your advisor should be:




With a professional advisor in your corner and the right benefits plan for your business, you have a winning combination!

Finding a great plan is a challenge you don’t have to take on alone. With nearly 20 years of group benefits experience, we can help deliver the right solution for your business, so that you can spend more time on what you do best.

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